Posted by: thepegster | July 8, 2013

Koch Brothers to Pour Millions into Obamacare Misinformation Campaign

Americans for Prosperity — a conservative group funded by the Koch brothers — is spending millions on ads that aim to turn Americans against the Affordable Care Act, just as government officials prepare to enroll the uninsured in the law’s new health care exchanges beginning on October 1. The campaign will eschew attacks on President Obama in favor of a new non-ideological tone that could appeal “young women” who watch the Food Network, “Law & Order,” and “Good Morning America.”    The goal is to “start softening the ground” ahead of implementation, Tim Phillips, the group’s president told the New York Times. “Too often we fell into a broad-based ideological argument, and I think we failed to get at ‘Look at what they’re doing and how it impacts you,’ ” he said. “I think where we win is on the impact of a specific policy.”   But if the group’s first TV ad, titled “Questions,” is any indication the new spots are no more honest than the partisan advertisements from 2012. The commercial opens with “Julie,” a mother of two, who tells the camera that she “has some questions about Obamacare,” but is then quick to offer false answers about the effects of reform:   Read more …


  1. […] is now a concerted effort to further misinform Americans against the Affordable Care Act because much of its major features are working better than expected. I wrote several blog posts on […]

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